A mobile application to make potluck planning simple. Create a potluck and invite your awesome friends in a few simple steps. Celebrate the happy moments of life !

Easy to use

Create and organize a potluck in a few easy and simple steps.

Modern & clean GUI

Simple and clean GUI design for a seamless user experience.

Rich features

Feature rich app to plan and coordinate your potluck from beginning to end.


PotluckHub helps you to create and organize potlucks or any other group events where everyone has certain things assigned to bring to the event.

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Potluck hosting, organizing and tracking made simple ! Create your Potluck and invite the friends from the contact list. Invitees can accept or decline the invitation. Add the things to bring to the pot and let each participants pick their items of choice. Communicate with the group using the in-app chat feature to coordinate with each other. Notifications and status updates keep you informed about the potlucks you are invited to. Easy access to the directions to the venue, when you are all set to go.

PotluckHub is available for iOS and Android phones. Download now and start hosting potlucks in style !

Awesome Features


Create the potluck invitation in simple steps and get the party planning started. Name your party, choose the location, date and time


Send invitations to your friends from your phone's contact list. Invitees can accept/decline the invite. Host will be able to re-invite and remind the participants.


Add all the items to bring to the party to the pot. Participants can pick items of their choice from the pot


In-App group chat with the participants of the potluck. Easy way to coordinate and plan your event.


Easy access to directions to the venue using Apple or Google maps.


All the previous potlucks are saved in memories for your future reference.

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PotluckHub uses your mobile phone number to log you in to the app. A verification is done using a 6 digit verification code that is sent to your mobile phone to make sure that your number is not misused.

No, you need to add the person to your contact list for you to invite him to a potluck.

No, the phone numbers of your contacts will be hidden from others participating in the event.

Certainly. You can plan any event where participants have to bring things to the events.

PotluckHub expects the phone number in your contact list to be in the following format :
A plus (+) sign, followed by the country code, followed by full phone number. For example the United States number 123-4567 in area code 408 would be written as +14081234567. (1 is the country code). Make sure to remove any leading 0's or any special calling codes. The numbers not following this format may not appear in the invite friends screen.

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PotluckHub is available for iOS and Android phones. Download now and start hosting potlucks in style !